About Me

Sara Shonfeld – Musical Minds Founder

Sara has been an early childhood educator and a music specialist, conference presenter and a director of various programs for the last 30 years.

She has developed a unique music program: Learning through Music, which includes various styles of music, drumming and rhythm, songs, movement and dance, diverse international music, integrated with dramatic play.
Her latest Drumming and Rhythm program has been a great success, and continues to grow beyond expectation. She has been invited to visit numerous schools, yeshivas, Temples and organizations so they can experience her energetic, stimulating and interactive classes and workshops.

She has developed many different curriculums for schools including: music curriculum, general early childhood curriculum, kindergarten Hebrew school program, which she directed for more than 18 years, and summer camp programs.

Sara has presented at the BJE (Board of the Jewish Education of Greater NY) and now for the Jewish Educational Project. She presents her music program to early childhood educators during their professional development day of learning.

The program was a tremendous success and has helped teachers to bring music to their classroom in a unique and creative way. This program provides them the keys to imply new methods and techniques into their day to day teaching.

For Sara, working with children for so many years has been one of the highlights of her career. Captivating the kids while teaching them a complex theme through music and witnessing their joy and happiness is an amazing reward.

Sara’s music classes are always filled with enthusiastic children who are so curious to see what they will experience next. The variety of drums and percussion instruments, songs and activities are well planned with the focus on age appropriate lesson plans for every age group she works with.

Her philosophy and purpose is always to create a new generation who appreciates music, to learn new concepts through music and to create fun and enthusiasm in the process of learning.

This purpose has been well achieved many times over the years and continues today with new exciting programs.

Many of the children who participate in Sara’s music programs have always kept in touch, and they love to share their interest in the study of music. The impact that Sara’s music program has had on children is remarkable.