School Programs

Directors and principals in a variety of schools are adding our innovative and creative program: Music, drumming and rhythm classes to their curriculum.

Musical Minds will visit your school on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or for special event days’ basis and work with each grade group individually.

Our music, drumming and rhythm program will inspire your teachers, students and parents and will promote learning and achieving goals in a positive and fun environment.

Each student is given the opportunity to shine through creating sounds, music and exploring their own creativity.

Our classes are all about engagement and team building!

We promote team building and working together as a group and work individually with each student.
Your students will be participating in rhythmic games, singing and movement. They will be learning about worldpercussion instruments, sounds and beats, and new concepts through music and rhythm.

We will provide all the drums and world percussion instruments for all participants.
Our program is extremely educational, stimulating, super- interactive and entertaining.

On drumming days, your school will be buzzing with joy and positive energy.

The benefits of this program to teachers and administration:

  • Teachers will experience new approaches to teaching through and with music.
  • Administrators will have peace of mind in that they are bringing in a specialty program run by a professional.
  • Drumming and rhythm is an interactive, educational, and entertaining activityand enhances the learning experiences for your students.
  • Our program is always tailored to the school’s or classes’ theme: Holidays, Math, Reading readiness, etc.
  • Provides increased focus and positive change.
  • Learning through music
  • Provides an engaging & fun atmosphere.
  • Provides stress release and promotes creative expression.
  • Promotes relationship building.

Musical Minds will create a memorable time for your students and their teachers!

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