Summer Camp Programs

Music and Sing A long program

We are excited and proud to bring our Music and Movement program to your camp. The program will be tailored to your camp’s weekly theme and incorporate songs, dances, movements, introduction to worlds’ instruments, world’s music, etc.

Your campers will enjoy learning a variety of fun songs, theme songs, musical dramatic story telling, energetic activities, games and more.

Summer camps programs

High energy drumming and rhythm experience for your campers!

We designed a colorful, creative and energetic drumming program for summer camps for all age groups. Drumming promotes unity, love and healing!

We specialize tailoring the drumming program to camp’s theme and we work hard to engage each participant to be part of the group while learning the drum rhythms.


Musical Minds will provide drums and percussion instruments for all participants: Djembe’s, Congas, Bongos, Darbukas, Talking Drums, Frame Drums, Bass Drums, Shakers, Rattles, Bells, Woodblocks, and Boomwhackers.

Team Building

Experience the uplifting power of Team Building Through Rhythm! This workshop involved in successfully creating music together as a group result in synergy, camaraderie and increased well-being.

As the team begins to play music together a common language emerges and communication improves. Individuals become a team and the team becomes a thriving community.

Benefits of Team building activities:

  • Teach team building in a unique way
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Promote cooperation among participants
  • Demonstrate the individual effect on the larger whole
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Develop communication skills
  • Motivate interaction between participants
  • Define common ground
  • Provide a playful vehicle for experiential learning