Dear Sara,

Thank you so much for the outstanding Rosh Chodesh Adar celebration on Monday. You ushered in Adar with such a beautiful melody. The song of the children playing to the beat of their own drum was music to our ears. The teachers gave rave reviews and the children enjoyed immensely. May Hashem give you the strength to continue to inspire others with your talents.

Thank you again!
Michael Merrill
Director of Student Activities – HANC

A fun night was had by all at the Chabad 5 Towns Mother / Daughter night out! Thank you Sara Shonfeld for an incredible DRUM CIRCLE, RHYTHM & MUSIC!

Chabad of Five Towns

Hi Morah Sarah! My Lyla was so happy to have you as her music teacher at Shalom Camp today! When I told her you were Tyler and Kylies teacher when they were in nursery she got even more excited. So happy she gets to experience your amazingness too!!

thank you for who you are, what you do, and always for my amazing drum circle birthday celebration…it’s crazy how time surges on!

Rebecca Sassouni


You are the best in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

Alec was back to his old self this morning and I can’t thank you enough for taking care of everything in your efficient and loving way. This morning he asked “me where he would be going to school.” I said “Temple Israel”. He said “who will be my teacher?” I said “Morah Sara”. He said “so when Amelia takes the bus to her school you take me to my school”. I said “yes”. He said “why can’t I have Morah Sara right now?” Very funny!

Thanks again!!
Nataly Blumberg

Hi, Sara.

I really did miss you. You really have a special enthusiasm for this work and your contributions to our discussions are so helpful.

I know that you are looking to lead music workshops and to inspire other music teachers with your program and ideas for connecting learners to Judaism through music. Our director and Susan Topek, and our early childhood director also know about your talent and desire to work in a broader way with teachers.
Always nice to hear from you. Hopefully I will see you soon. Keep up the fantastic work with your students.
Feel free to contact me periodically to keep the connection fresh.

Suri Jacknis
Director of Professional Learning

Wow, thanks so much…how beautiful. Thank you for your devotion and that of your staff to make such a wonderful contribution to us. I am sure Galia will want to view these slide shows many times over well into the future. What great memories you have given her and the rest of the camp…they will surely not forget with mementos like these.

Thank you so much for the much time and effort you made.

Julia Jadidian

Dear Sara,
Just a little something to let you know how special you are. We appreciate all you do for your students. You are a very special lady, filled with so much love, talent and warmth.

Your true love of teaching shows through your interaction with the children. We love you!

Thanks for making Chloe’s first year an amazing one!

Good luck with all your music programs.

Love, the Ganjians

Dear Morah Sara,

Thank you for being an important part of our family this year! We had such a great year!

We can’t begin to thank you for giving Kyle the most important thing of all: A great education. He has grown and changed so much this year. His love for Judaic studies has increased and not to mention MUSIC!!!
He loves to play his guitar!!! We are so sad that the year has come to an end. We hope that Kellen will have will have you next year and receive what you have given to Kyle. He truly loves to wake up in the morning and get dressed to go to your class.

Thank you for all the great slide shows and singing and not to mention the great Pesach play, we will never forget!

Our Dear Morah Sara,

What to say of how much we all love you!!! Thank you for all the love and care and music for Claudia. It was a tremendous year and we love you!!!

Claudia, Romina, and the Pour family.

Dear Morah Sara,

Thank you so very much for all you do for Sarena. You showered her with love, attention, discipline, kindness, gratitude. You are better to her than her own parents! Thank you for being in our lives.

Much love,
Tenaz, Sina, Tara, Sophia, Sarena.

Dear Morah Sara,

Thank you so much for all the love you give me. You bring so much love, experience, Care and smiles to the classroom. I became much more creative thank to you!

Thank you!!!


Dear Sara,

That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us. It is so nice to see how much fun our children are having this summer. Have a great day!

Melody Pourmoradi CEC
Life Evolutions Coaching

Andrew is already having such an amazing summer. He lights up when we talk about camp, the teachers, and all of the wonderful activities he participates in each day. My husband, Adam, and I feel so lucky to have you all to take care of and develop Andrew this summer.

Shabbat Shalom!
Valerie Hirschbein

Morah Sara,

This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for providing such a loving and fun environment for Maya! I can’t wait to show her this!

Shadi Ohebshalom

Dear Sara,

We watched the last newsletter of the year with tears in our eyes! I miss those weekly emails already!!! Thank u so much, it was beautiful.

Thanks for all the wonderful times we shared together with happiness, laughter and music!!!

Thanks, Ruth

Morah Sara,

Thank you!

You know what Ori said to me? He said, “Mommy, when I grow up, can you take me to Morah Sara so she can see my size?”

Hahahahah how cute?!

You are amazing Morah Sara!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Thanks again!!!

Love, Limor

I love the music and I’m sad to see the year end as well. We’ll really miss you both next year!

Hugs and kisses,

Dear Sara,

We were so delighted to join the your class for the art show! What great work the class did. I think Kyle’s favorite book was No Rules for David. He loves to sing the song “Be nice to your friends.” Its amazing what a group of four year olds can create and the level of their imagination! Thanks for putting so much time and love into their artwork.

Love, Marina & Fred

Hello Morah Sara, how are you?

First of all, I must tell you that everything your class did was absolutely fantastic. I loved it all. Thank you for continuously stimulating our children and helping them shine.

I love it.

Natasha Rafinia
Tyler’s mom

Thank you for the best mother’s day. we had a great time. It was such a pleasure to see and hear Justin sing all the songs so beautifully. I felt such joy, I had Justin singing the songs to me and his grandmothers over and over on mother’s day.

I hope you had a great mother’s day too.


Hi Morah Sara,

I am still so sad that Ella could not be there that day, but it was so nice to see the pictures of how cute all the kids looked. It really looked amazing. Ella was so proud to show all of her family and cousins her Hagaddah, it was really very impressive and she loved going through it during the Seders. You can really see that she takes a lot of pride in her book and she loooves going through it and singing the songs to me.
I hope you enjoyed the seders as well!!!

Enjoy the rest of Pesach and the vacation!!!

Morah Sara!!! Ella has been telling me from the minute she got in the car, that she needs to bring a baby doll to her class tomorrow! So I came home and looked for a note from you, and didn’t see anything. She kept asking me if she can bring her doll, so I said ok. NOW i see that she wasn’t making this up!!
She really adores you soo much! She spends her whole day telling me all the details of everything you guys do in class.

Thanks for being such an amazing teacher!!

See you tomorrow,

Kyle was very excited to sing this song. He was also very proud to tell me who all the children in the slide show were. He was very interested in watching the slide show over and over!

Thank You for the time you put in preparing the slide show for us.

We loved the slide show! It was so creative. The costumes were adorable. The drums were very creative! Kyle was so proud to show me his Thanksgiving projects. Kyle was very excited to sing this song. He was also very proud to tell me who all the children are.

I can tell that they had a great time preparing!

Many thanks,
Marina Hakimi

Drumming can be a form of meditation, a source of healing or just plain fun feeling like a kid again. It taps into the cells of your body. You feel good.

I asked Sara Shonfeld of Musical Minds to lead the group on this special night. We started off making the sounds of rain on our drums and than lightening. It was a fun shift for us all. Then we did the “Wave”.

Life is good when you’re making music!

From: Marylou’s wellness path blog